The Official poster for the sizzling new TV drama “Madam President” is out!

And perfect for our Photograph Of The Day (POTD)!

The TV Series, scheduled for release in July 2017 is the first ever political drama produced by Nigerians in the UK. This one is going to change the box screen for a long time to come and the Trendy Team is in full support.

Produced by HRH Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin and Sam Sodje.

Directed by Ruke O. Amata and Nelson Spyk LondoNollywood.

Written by Nelson Spyk LondoNollywood.

Executive Producers: Ester Ocloo, Cordelia Emeh, Flight Structures and Sam Sodje.

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  1. Hrh Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin

    Sending High Royal Salute & Massive Thanks to Timi O’Badejo & the entire WeddingTrendy Team for your Support & Solidarity for our upcoming New TV Series ‘MADAM PRESIDENT’…

    We truly Appreciate this very Kind Gesture and look forward to Collaborating further with you as the Production Progresses…

    Here is saying a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to Y’all…2017 promises to be Super Duper SMOKIN Hawt, especially with this New TV Series!…

    On behalf of our Directors, Mr Ruke Amata & Mr Nelson Spyk, the Producers & Exec. Producers & our entire Cast and Crew…Once again may I say Many Thanks Indeed…


    Warm Royal Regards
    -Hrh Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin aka ‘MADAM PRESIDENT’
    {Series Producer & Lead Actress}

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