The Gele Maestro – Segun Gele (USA) celebrates his marriage with his darling wife and adorable children on Chritsmas day 2016.

He is such a charmer in his crafts and declaring his love for his wife!

In his very words:

On this day I Celebrate you My Love! Cus indeed you Deserve to be Celebrated.
You NEVER ask for too much!
You NEVER grumble even when u ask and I can’t afford it!
You have NEVER looked down on me or disrespect me even when I know am at fault!
You have shown us more love with ur time, money, emotions even while in pain u show us love.
I bless the day our path Crossed.
I look forward to Many more years of God’s Grace, Favor, Mercy and Kindness with you.
Happy Anniversary Shugar!

WeddingTrendy celebrates you!


Segun Gele, USA.

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