To Buy Asoebi or Not?

I love the vibrancy of the Nigerian community when they gather for a social occasion. Of all these social occasions, Weddings are truly exceptional.

At any Nigerian/African weddings you (ladies and gents inclusive) can get an update on what is happening in the fashion scene and you sure do not want to look ‘last season’ in fabric and in style! Oh no you don’t!

I am very fortunate indeed to come from the south/west of Nigeria that is famously known in the society as pioneers in Asoebi Management (will save that for another post). Asoebi is that traditional ‘fabric or uniform’ that is worn by the family members, friends and other guests at social events in a ‘community spirit or support’ of the celebrant(s) and it has been adopted as a ‘norm’ in the society for decades.

Asoebi fabrics ranges in form from guipure laces, to beaded fabrics, baby lace and colourful ankara fabrics. Usually patterned or plain but most of the time these fabrics are gorgeous. If by chance or luck you have a steady fashion designer or tailor that is skilled and great in his or her craft (and not a carpenter turned tailor), you can turn any Asoebi fabric to a catwalk icon! And as you take your place at that event, swaying in like no-one is noticing when the opposite is the case and you are gorgeously putting your best foot (and pout) forward, and as expected with such entrances; you get heads turning your way, then you know that you have been perfectly sculptured for that event.

Some concerns though.I currently have 3 suitcases of various Asoebi worn for weddings and some special occasions that are begging to be worn again but my first concern is this – when do I wear these again and to where? First, I live in the UK – Asoebis are fab during the summer months and other than churches and other social visits or outings God help you if you wear Asoebi during the winter months without an internal or external layer. Or you attempt to wear any to work/your office – Your cheeky colleagues will not only wonder if you got your drinks mixed up or you probably sleep-walked to work!

I have a lot of friends and contacts also making their income from the Aso-Ebi range and I love and promote their services. I remain loyal. Lajokes – I see you!

I love to wear fabulous Asoebi styles – especially these days that the fashion designers/tailors have made some beautiful peplum styles (for ladies) that you can wear with a pair of jeans or plain trousers, you can go versatile of these. I will not hesitate to shell out a few pounds or more for a friend or family member, I appreciate modesty though and will not go out of my way to spend my overdraft on Asoebi.

This question has been asked now and again and just like there have been no conclusive evidence between the Nigerian and Ghanian Jollof rice, I want to ask -to buy Asoebi or not?

Lets hear it!

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