Yes! I cheated!

But definitely NOT what you might be thinking.

It is amazing the kind of attention you receive when you make a declaration like ‘I cheated’.
Eons ago on my wedding blog (www.weddingtrendy.com – now sold) I wrote an article ‘How I Got Married’ and it was one of my most read articles. Apart from those that were close enough to know how I got married, it dawned on me that quite a number of people just want to know what kind of drama you have been involved in! (By the way – the article was written by a guest blogger not me!)

So back to the topic. I have cheated. Have you ever cheated?

NO! I am not asking about those times that you ‘tattooed’ all the answers to an examination paper on your beautiful thigh (women) or the inside your palms (men). You can deny it on social media but nobody is judging you (yeah right).

I am also not going on about the times you were asked to take your medications and you hid them under your tongue just to fool the nurse/your mother and you later spit it out when they were not watching?


Now that we have the obvious definition of childhood cheating defined, I will define my own logic of ‘cheating’


Have you ever had to read a 45 page manual only to find out that you can summarise the entire manual on three (3) pages of A4 paper?  Having worked on a few major projects in the last ten (10) years, I have had to create my own ‘cheat sheets’ for work instructions to use at work or as training scripts for other project users.

IMO – Why do people use 500 words when 5 can do? I don’t know.

Anyway – yes – that kind of cheating is what I am talking about (Phew! You can all breathe now. Laugh. Boring right?).

I will let you into a few more ‘cheats’ or share your own favourite ‘cheats’


I have a set of Meyer’s non-stick pots since 2005 and after 10 years of service, I started saving towards buying another set because they do not come cheap. In the interim, I took a chance and bought the non-stick ‘Morrisons’ brand pot and I was pleasantly surprised that this affordable pot is truly non-stick as it says on the box! I could almost boast my food taste better ( I refused to be harassed by hubby’s constant claim that he cooks better)

Apart from the handles that heats up, this pot is amazing to use to cook and clean. I will advise my folks to always use a kitchen towel or gloves to protect your hands when using it to cook (and not go African grandma style using your bare hands while wincing inside lol).

Before giving out this ‘cheat’ I have gone and bought a few of these pots because I know once the word get’s out – Morrisons shops will be swept clean of them. Lessons learnt 🙂

Where to get: Any Morrisons Shop in the UK (I checked – not available on the online store)
Cost: Less than £20 
Photo: Courtesy Hubby’s Phone!
(Erm – please note that there are two pots in this photo. A big and smaller size of the non-stick pots. Both available at Morrisons)



If you are like me, taking out the super king size bed duvet cover for a wash is not a problem but fitting it back usually is – until I found out how to do it better that is! I have since shared the tip with loads of friends and we are happier :)I will let this video do the job. Please watch. I promise – you will be pleasantly rewarded.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBnKNPxNgg8
Credit: CoralTV – Copyright Infringement Not Intended!


I am blessed to have a home with a beautiful layout. Whenever I could, I love taking long warm showers in family bathroom or en-suite shower at home. I also have a fit if they are not being looked after lol.
I then discovered the Dettol Mould and Mildew remover and it works like magic. It keeps cleaning efforts at a minimum and all you need to do is spray around the shower or bath tub after each bath, leave it on for about 5 minutes and voila it’s clean! – No hard scrubbing, no sweating (or swearing lol). You can use the sponge for the ‘finishing’ but even without, it cleans deep.
Caution: Do take care if using this – it has some acid and you don’t want to ruin some of your taps. (Has not done any damage to mine but you never know). Also be aware of the fumes so have some ventilation in place when using this.
Source: Any Tesco, Asda, Morrison or high street shop in the UK (either online or in store)
Cost: Less than £4
Photo: Copyright Infringement Not IntendedDettol_Anti_Bacterial_Mould___Mildew_Remover_750mlCHEAT 4: SOAP AND TONER COMBO.

The Royale pinkish toner and soap range is still my best find for 2015. The Royale Beauty products range are fab!I break out easily and found the Kojic Papaya soap a ‘stop’ action on acne breakouts! I combine this as my daily regime (and after applying makeup) and I have kept breakouts at bay. I have recommended the products to a lot of friends and everyone have the same positive feedback. In these dreaded UK (US/Canada/African) weather, our skin does need some TLC.This soap is not limited to women – a few guys I know use this Kojic Papaya soap – apparently it is great on the skin after shaving!

Other products in the range that I use are the Anti-ageing soap (in the mornings) and the Pinkish Glow Smoothening cream which is fantastic as a make up primer.

Here is a review of the product by a fan of the soap and toner

Source: https://www.facebook.com/BellaNiqqe
Cost: Soap £6 and toner £12. (excluding postage)
Photo: Copyright Infringement Not Intended!

12019808_138636346487502_6961759340416587350_n12063302_138636469820823_6511413104700571958_n11219518_138637253154078_7837541466233860445_nThese are the cheats I am sharing this time – please share yours!
Trillion Love Always!
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