I loved my first IT Marketing job because I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful colleagues and because I had a very brilliant boss.



Josephine had an attitude. A ‘Bring It On’ attitude that does not budge to a ‘No’.

She was young, up-beat and got her head screwed on right. Back in the 90s, she started a Microsoft Certified Training Centre in Lagos, Nigeria called Techno-Logic – a start up company taking up the same stage with the likes of IT ‘Big Boys’ (NITT, Siemens, NTC etc. ). Her approach to taking a share of the market was bold. BUT she took it.

What was lacking in the ‘ageing’ Big Boys competition was a staff of young, vibrant graduates who were carefully selected to work at Techno-Logic.  Back then the company was known for its quality in IT training and service delivery, a classy office layout and trendy staff that always had a smile and served with the right attitude! From the Support Staff to the MD, it was ‘class’ all the through the company.

At a point, there was no contract we could not win. No matter how big and mighty the opponents were, Techno-Logic somehow wins.

Adopting the right attitude did not come easy. You MUST pay attention to every detail. Your attitude as you enter the main building to the way you walk to your seat or cubicle, has got to be professional. Josephine taught me a few lessons about quality presentation.  Josephine will never let you send a letter out to a client with a comma out of place. And I mean it. To a young ‘babe’ this can be frustrating – but I had the right attitude and learnt a lot. Thank you Jo (as we fondly call her when she was in a good mood).


Before graduation, my university days was fun at LASU (yeah – bite me. I did not go to UNILAG).  But like every other students in Nigeria,  you still have to deal with the malaria fever, ‘hunger fever’ and back-to-back lectures. LASU had a medical centre which of course was forever busy dealing with all types of students’ ailment. There was a Lady Doctor that ‘heals’ with her smile and the way she takes her time to listen, ask questions and then explain what could be wrong with you (if not hunger that is LOL) and then prescribed the right medication. She was an angel. In contrast, she also had a colleague – a male Doctor. (Not all male Doctors are like this. This is just a bad apple). He is the exact opposite! This Doctor is already writing your prescription as soon as you are sat in his office. Needless to say. Some students go back to their hostels to self medicate if the male Doctor was on call.


I live in Aberdeen and social life here must be ‘stimulated’. The city is full of Africans/Black but for some reasons their lifestyle is ‘home-work-church/mosque and then home again. (Story for another time). Hubby was born to be a ‘host’ and so we made a lot of acquaintances quickly. Whilst I am not going to be picky, I found myself making a few girlfriends who someday I will write about. I have met Mope (Lapopo lol), ElohoSeun (God rest her soul) and some other lovely ladies and their families that I have now grown fond of. Out of these, one of them has come to be my tallest friend EVER – ELOHO!

Eloho and I (and I am wearing a 2inch heel!)

(Not that I have height challenges but Eloho is tall men! lol). You would think her being so tall means she will be as ‘strong’ – the funny thing however is that she is a ‘baby’ at heart! As we got close, we realised we have walked similar paths in life and somehow ‘trust’ each other enough be share our visions.

Eloho was born to sing. She hosts an annual music event ‘ENGAGE’ every summer. The event has made such a big impact across Aberdeen City, that there is a buzz of excitement when the event approaches. The event is always so memorable and I know this year’s is going to be mega because Muyiwa ‘Riversongz’ will be ministering – so Aberdeen is going to get some!

Being in the spotlight do come with challenges, but Eloho has remained steadfast. Her attitude even when she is hurting and just want to give up is ‘ I Will Yet Arise’. Even though sometimes I have to send some ‘nasty’ shocks to her system to snap her out of her moods. She is yet to meet my challenge to spread her wings. But I wont give up on her.

By the way, ENGAGE is scheduled for the 22nd of August 2015 at the Music Hall Aberdeen so if you are about in the city, do come along and please ask to see me! Yours truly has been given a mega assignment to ‘manage’ the event. 🙂


A few weeks ago I was talking to another friend of mine who shares the same birthday with me. She was distraught. She explained how the ‘autocorrect’ in her beloved iPhone sent the wrong/negative message to someone she was supposedly sending a ‘compliment’ to. The message was delivered as ‘you don’t look good’ or something like that. My friend is a sweet soul. She sent the text and forgot all about it. She only realised something was wrong when the recipient replied with an ‘angry’ tone. My friend tried everything she could to explain herself and make the situation right. She called several times, sent texts and other forms of messages yet this other ‘friend’ did not return her call. I felt bad for my girlfriend but calmed her down and reminded her how sweet and thoughtful she is. I have known her for years and I can say I know that bit about her. I know she did not mean it. However her day was almost ruined because of that ‘technology’ mishap. The other friend eventually returned her calls 24hours (or more) later and they made up. However my mind kept ringing ‘Attitude, attitude, attitude’! Why will anyone subject a friend to such a ‘waiting’ torture before returning a call to allow a situation to be rectified? Dealing with her own anger perhaps? Oh well..


I have seen a few Tyler Perry films (and now hooked to “The Haves and The Have Nots’). In the two part film ‘Why Did I Get Married’, there was a character called ‘Angela’. Oh Angela was a woman and half. She raise ‘hell’ at every ‘thoughts’ of her husband (Marcus) looking or even speaking to another woman. She will tell anyone off if she believes the person is out of order and not in a very nice way. Angela walks into a bad situation and she makes it ‘badder’. Despite all her ‘faults’ her husband loved her mindlessly and her friends love her too. But at some point, her husband had to put his foot down to deal with her attitude (momentarily) but hey ho, Angela was ‘back’ in the second part of the film.

I have inserted this personality in this post because not every woman is an ‘Angela’ but occasionally, you have to be an ‘Angela’ to deal with some nasty attitudes you get, some nasty people you encounter or some nasty situation you are faced with. Yeah – I know a lot of people will not ‘agree’ to having some sort of ‘Angela’ in them, and will go all ‘Churchy-sermon-on-the-mountain’ on the matter but like a friend will say – like a tube of toothpaste, you never know what’s in a human being until you squeeze!

Final Thoughts:

I have chosen to write about attitudes. Some attitudes celebrates us and some are best imagined. Of course I can relate a few horrific experiences and attitudes that I have experienced in my personal and professional life.

Can I echo this statement in conclusion:

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