Scandal TV Series is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. Created by Shonda Rhimes.

I joined the Scandal Fans in 2013 (I am scandalously late 🙂 I know but I soon played catch up). I loved it. I encouraged, cajoled and created a network of friends that also caught the ‘Scandal Fever’. When I ask some of my ‘inner circle’ friends network and they haven’t seen or heard of it, I roll my eyes in un-belief. Yes I am a GLADIATOR!

Did I mention I got the hubby hooked too? Yes I did. He resisted it at first (yes like every typical Naija man will dismiss any romantic soap/tv series) then I mentioned the character of “Command” and he peeped at me from the corner of his eyes and asked ‘ You Sure’? I said ‘Yes’ then he said okay lets see. From the very fist episode I recorded on SKY? Let just say that his weekend was made 🙂 (The things women can do sha lol – and we are supposed to be the weaker party abi? I hear you)

And then….

I read a post a few days ago written by a Christian condemning the TV series because of the ‘Unchristian’ virtues e.g. Divorce-suggesting, gay/homosexuality, political e.t.c and I sat back wondering if I am also a Christian. Actually, I am. I spent some few minutes reading the comments on the blog post and some were singing the same ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ kingdom whilst a few shared balanced views. I fall in the later group.

Or am I sitting on the fence?

Whilst we all have our own definition of Christianity and ‘faith’ in other religion that I respect; I have made a conscious decision a few years ago that religion is not one of issues I will flog with friends/colleagues. I will live my life to reflect what I believe in faith and in morals and hope it ministers enough to touch lives and make a difference.

Yes I am a Christian without any apology.

I am sorry that the other blogger feels the way she did about this TV Series but I do like the Scandal Series and intend to continue watching it.  Why? It is QUALITY production, no doubt at all it is engaging and it entertains! Plus it is put together by someone who is Black/African-American and so is the top actress Kelly Washington – and all these makes sense to me to support the programme.

Why do we have to analyse every cup of water we drink when we cannot even create a spring or well of water. I don’t live my life by ‘Scandal’ neither will ‘Scandal’ choose what I eat or drink for me. I look at the current generational churches/Christians along with the associated ‘scandals’ and my conclusion is…..We are hypocrites!!!  I will rather watch the fictional but entertaining TV Series’ Scandal than watch and support the real life/living churches Scandals!!!

The TV series have exposed millions of people all over the world to what is going on in the political realm of power; re-positioned a very brilliant actress – Kerry Washington (a LADY for a change!!!) who is ‘Black’ to the top 10 favourite list of the Oscars?

Like every other projects, ‘Scandal”s first series was received with criticism but this is an extract applauding the series:

Scandal has quite a bit to say about how people in general operate. By extension, it also has a lot to say about the type of television people respond to in this ever-splintered viewing environment. In a year in which almost all ratings are down, Scandal has gone up. Its insane storytelling really isn’t insane at all. Many want to dub House Of Cards the future of television as a whole. In terms of distribution, this may be true. But by giving audiences what they want, and then giving them so much more than they ever expected, Scandal is the show those looking toward the future of television should be aiming to actually produce, regardless of the medium in which it is viewed.

And about Shonda:

Shonda Lynn Rhimes (born January 13, 1970) is an American screenwriter, director, and producer. Rhimes is best known as the creator, head writer, executive producer and showrunner of the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy, its spin-off Private Practice and political thriller series Scandal. In May 2007, Rhimes was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 people who help shape the world. Rhimes was an executive producer for the medical drama series Off the Map which aired on ABC for one season in 2011. Rhimes serves as executive producer for ABC’s new legal series How to Get Away with Murder, which debuted September 25, 2014.


Can we just celebrate the effort of a woman living in a world of ‘dog eat dog’ Sharkville known as Hollywood? Should I really go on? If nothing, we should applaud the African American woman that is now becoming a positive role model for her and the new generations!

I love my favourite non-Black/White film and TV productions and love watching them too. However I am Nigerian-British (not British-Nigerian :))  and I love to celebrate everything that is positive from AFRICA or BLACK Origin. When I look at the similar effort being showcased by Kunle Afolayan, I wonder why we are still looking beyond ourselves for excellence? Only just recently, Nigeria (or Lagos State Government I should say specifically) displayed excellence in defeating the dreaded EBOLA virus. Maybe when we all consciously choose what to believe and support about our African/Black background and professionalism and not stab ourselves at the back; only then can we can convince others to do the same in the communities we live in.

Abegeeee….I am on for the new season start of Scandal and if you aren’t on the train yet and strong enough in faith to believe this is not another 666 scam to derail Christians, then hop on!

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Criticism Qoute: Wikipedia – October, 2014
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  1. I agree with you, I don't understand why religion has to be brought into everything. So one can't watch a TV series anymore? Abeg, we so called "Christians" are too judgemental…we need to relax

  2. Anonymous

    Wow!! Well written. Just joined the band of Scadal watchers all thanks to sky and catch up. I work 12.5 hours long shift (NHS) and Scandal helps me unwind. In a matter of truth, watching Scandal is like being massaged head to toes. I was infected by scandal virus by a friend and Muslim sister on a Midwifery unit and one can imagine how busy our unit can be. As a muslim I live my life believing that my religion is a relationship between my self and Allah and extending it to all man by showing love and I want it to end there. Nothing more, nothing less, no condemning, no discrimination and no hate knowing fully well that only our maker can judge.

  3. Scandal for me is the best TV drama everrr, the twists and suspense omg… My white hat is on for Shonda … She's an amazing writer . I'll never understand why anyone critiques scandal … I loved the article so much I read it twice ☺️

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