I watched him with every bit of concentration and paid attention to every detail during the preparation and presentation of his master piece –Havana Fish’. Yet every time I set out to duplicate his effort, I fail. ‘I am a woman for crying out loud! How could my husband beat me in the act of cooking?’ Putting aside that ‘sexist’ thought. I gave up trying to mimic what he has taken as a passion and mastered. Of course there are some dishes he doesn’t even bother to attempt in the kitchen that I have perfected and we have both drawn the conclusion on who is best at what.{Thank God for that! :)}


Havana Fish came to my husband ‘naturally’. We were on holiday/visiting my Sister in Canada. For our ‘brunch’ one day, my Sister brought out some Tilapia fish and we all sat around the kitchen worktable and watched her prepare this simple but delicious meal that was ready in about 30 minutes! Hubby was intrigued and asked if he can prepare the dish the next time its on the menu.

The next day my sister decided to ‘humour’ him and asked him to take over the kitchen for the ‘brunch’ and boy were we all pleasantly surprised? Not only has he picked up the skill but added his own ‘touch’ using some spices that my sister never thought of using and voila! ‘Havana Fish’ was birthed. That was 4 years ago. Today he has mastered the skill so much this skill reflects in every fish he made regardless of the quantity he set out to prepare! Yet, despite being his first  apprentice, I have never been able to match his mastery 🙂 🙁 (oh well!)

Watching the news today – I watched with genuine interests how Russia has turned the first ‘mistake’ of the opening ceremony into a ‘mastery’ at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics. At the opening ceremony, the fifth Olympic ring failed to open but at the closing ceremony, the organisers used that ‘failure’ and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece which eventually ‘opened’ the fifth ring during the ceremonial display. It was indeed beautiful display. I made a mental note to add this spectacular lesson to one that I can share on my blog.



My thoughts:

Research and experiments have proven that we as human are hard-wired for achievement and supremacy and we are indeed empowered to set and create our own masterpiece – however it may take patience and dedication.

ImageCharles Darwin was an average and underachieving schoolboy that went on to become one of the earliest and greatest minds that the world has known. His life achievements offer great lessons on how to do one thing exceptionally well and through time and dedication, turn that one thing into a mastery or masterpiece.(Click here to read about Darwin)

The single difference between masters and ordinary people is that the masters never gave up on their craft no matter how long it took to perfect it. It is therefore important to find your path to mastery.

You however need to first find that passion or activity that dominates your thoughts and connect with the inner force or calling or purpose.

Some logics to apply:

First: What is that thing you ‘love’ to do and feels right every time you do it? It might take months or even years to find this out but never ever give up trying to find it.

Second: Once you have found it, learn to trust yourself and hold on to it in order to free yourself from doubts or doubters that will come around in the future to challenge your purpose.

Third: Just like the ‘Masters’ you will need to discipline your thoughts and focus.

Fourth: Be ready to be open-minded and

Fifth:  Ready to ‘learn’ from mistakes above all things otherwise you might limit yourself to perfecting that activity which might become your masterpiece. Did I mention that the ‘spice’  that hubby used in his version of Havana fish was a ‘mistake’? He mistook the spice for the ‘pepper’ that was meant to be used for the fish but which turned out to be exactly what the fish needed to become ‘Havana Fish’ today.

Whatever your choice or path you have chosen to mastery, be confident and ‘go for it’ in the end a masterpiece is waiting.


Enjoy the week ahead!


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