There is very little social activities planned or going on for the African-Black communities in Aberdeen – until the last few years.

I have been to and been part of a series of events which I intend to and will write about over the next coming posts. Before that, I should mention that there are over 20,000 Africans/Blacks living in Scotland and about 10 Percent of these in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire.

Africans have a rich and deep culture which Aberdeen City/Shire can benefit from. Citing the popular example of the annual Afro-Caribbean Notting-hill Carnival that has placed London in the eyes of the world in terms of tourism, culture and economic value – slowly, the carnival has grown beyond being celebrated and enjoyed by Afro-Carribeans but has embraced every country and culture that chose to be represented at the annual event.

Having discovered that there are very little efforts in the social media targeting this audience, this blog will do its best to inform, increase the profile and visibility of Africans/Blacks in Aberdeen.

My name is Timi and I promote Africa in Aberdeen.



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